BSA Boat Ramp Information

_V2V1820fThe boat ramp, marina bulkhead, and sewer pump out station is the property of the HOA. Any Cannonsgate lot owner that is current on both HOA and BSA dues is entitled to use it 24 hours a day. All 75 slips are privately owned and can’t be used by non slip owners (unless rented see below) while in the marina. The launching docks are the two docks on either side of the ramp. These docks are used for launching only. A vessel can’t be tied up at the launching docks any longer than a reasonable time that it takes a person to remove their vehicle and trailer from the ramp. If you are using the marina on consecutive days and do not own or rent a slip the vessel must be removed between times of use. A slip owner can sell or rent their slip to a Cannonsgate lot owner only. This is a HOA/BSA covenant requirement. If a slip is rented to another Cannonsgate lot owner a copy of the rental agreement, Registration Form, Certificate of Vessel Insurance must be sent to Cannonsgate BSA 537-B Cannonsgate Drive, Newport, NC 28570 before using it. If you are interested in renting a slip please contact us. The marina and channel is a N.C. State enforced NO WAKE ZONE.