BSA Marina Rules

_V2V1803fThe Marina is designed for residential use by owners or leasers of Cannonsgate lots and associated houses. This is a residential use marina not intended for commercial use. Its use is governed by the Cannonsgate at Bogue Sound Boat Slip Association Bylaws and Covenants. The Boat Slip Association Board of Directors is charged with several responsibilities contained in the Bylaws and Covenants Documents. Please become familiar with those documents.

In general, people will conduct themselves as good neighbors and remember that people own and operate boats for fun and enjoyment. However, safety is a paramount concern. Water and boats represent a certain persistent hazard that must be respected by everyone. Treat other people with courtesy and good humor. Please extend a helping hand to those in need. These are your neighbors.

All vessels will be secured in a neat and orderly manner. All hoses, power cords, dock lines, fishing equipment, etc. will be stowed in a neat and orderly manner so as to not impede the use of the docks or fairways by others. All vessels will be kept clean and neat condition. Periodic boat washing and waxing is encouraged. Keep all topside equipment stowed in neat shipshape manner. Keep the dock lines properly adjusted to control your vessel and keep the fenders in good repair. Keep the piers clean and neat. Fish cleaning is permitted only at the fish cleaning station. Frequent use of the pump out facility is encouraged to keep waste out of the vessels holding tanks and in the sewage treatment process. No overboard discharge of holding tank or heads will be permitted in the marina. Vessels will not be permitted to remain in the marina if the propulsion equipment is inoperative or requires removal/reinstallation. Minor maintenance may be performed and is encouraged to keep vessels in good operational condition. Disposal of oil and contaminated fuel will be in accordance with local regulations. In no case will the discharge of effluents from vessels with oily bilges be permitted in the marina. Keep bilges clean and dry. Do not allow leaks to develop into floods that threaten vessel buoyancy. Periodically check your boat. Don’t ignore it or depend on others to keep your vessel afloat.

Security is a concern for all boaters. Please get to know your neighbors, their slips, boats and guests. Keep an eye open for strangers and conduct that represents a threat to the marina and the vessels moored there. There is a roving patrolman that will check the marina, but he is not a boater and cannot be depended on to safeguard your vessel or possessions.

Keep the Marina Board of Directors informed of your slip uses through maintaining the Boat Registration form current. Please keep your insurance certificate current and in force. Cannonsgate at Bogue Sound Boat Slip Association, Inc. is to be named as an also insured on the insurance certificate.