The Cannonsgate at Bogue Sound Homeowners Association has taken several steps to achieve and maintain the appearance of a well planned community. This includes a comprehensive set of architectural guidelines. In addition, the Association has chosen Rouse Engineering PLLC to serve as the Architectural Review Committee, or ARC for your community.

The intention is to give you the flexibility to create a home that fits your needs while maintaining a high level of quality in design and construction.

An important aspect of the ARC’s work is to protect the value of properties in the Cannonsgate community by restricting designs or construction that fall short of the published standards. Equally important to the ARC is to help you see the potential for your home before you build it. If you’ve ever completed a home and said, “I wish I had thought to do that,” you will understand the additional value that the ARC wants to bring to the process.

A committee of architects will review the plans for your home and provide you with a written summary of any required changes, and where appropriate, offer suggestions that may enhance your design. During the construction of your home, the ARC will have a local representative on site at three specific milestones to evaluate compliance with the guidelines.

Covenants, By-laws, dues history, and Architectural Guidelines can be found below.

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Phone Number: (252) 247-3107


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Phone Number: (877) 987-2782


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Board Members

Current Board Members

Charles Hughes, President

Kim Gay, Vice President

Erica Burkhart, Secretary

Becky Taylor, Treasurer

Dr. Jeffrey “Doc” Krause, Member at Large

Architectural Review Board

Keith Maready

John Mcovey

Beth Padgett